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Turn your Samsung NX camera to Full Frame!

A campaign of
luca butera


A campaign of
luca butera

Turn your Samsung NX camera to Full Frame!

Turn your Samsung NX camera to Full Frame!

Campaign ended
  • Raised € 6,392.98
  • Sponsors 21
  • Expiring in Terminato
  • Type Keep it all  
  • Category Design & technology

A campaign of 
luca butera


The project


The NX-L. Special focal reducer to mount Canon EF and more full frame lenses on Samsung NX camera body!

Fully utilize

Full frame lens on NX camera today with NXL adapter:

+ Full frame  lens to be mounted to Samsung NX camera

+ Increases the angle of view by 0.72X

+ Increases maximum aperture by 1 stop​

+ Optimized lens coating to improve over-all image quality.

Compatible lenses with adapter:



With NX-L


Hello everyone, my name is Luca, I live in Italy and I’m a photography enthusiast.

Just like many other people, after the release of the Canon 5D Mark II I started to get interested in photography, cameras and editing software, always trying to understand how they worked and analyzing their strengths and weaknesses.

Since then I’ve started collecting lenses and cameras, starting with Canon, then Blackmagic Design and Sony and finally getting a Samsung NX1: a mirrorless camera with a revolutionary technology, superior in every way to many other cameras on the market today, awarded at Tipa Awards as the best 2015 compact professional camera.

A global success, which seems currently on standby, perhaps because Samsung focuses mostly on consumer products such as Smartphones, Tablets and home appliances, products of daily use being constantly renewed and replaced.

Samsung needs to look at the big picture and understand that the photography market travels at a different speed. Today’s young photographers will become tomorrow's professionals, quality cameras and lenses do not become obsolete so quickly and professionals who have been working with well-known and consolidated brands such as Canon, Nikon and Sony will at first be wary of switching to this new technology because their existing lenses would become useless.

For this reason, I decided to build a focal reducer adaptor for Samsung NX cameras. This system makes it possible to use other manufacturers’ lenses maintaining all their full frame features, doubling the light and image picked up by the sensor.


Our main mission is to build an intelligent device which can make it possible to mount Full Frame Canon lenses on Samsung NX cameras. This would be a great advantage to Samsung NX users obtaining high benefits with a minimum cost.

At the present stage of design, the adapter is already fully functional with a significant number of lenses compatible with the bayonet fitting of the NX. There is also a one-stop gain and the FOV of FF lenses is the native one.

 In the future we plan to create a "Metabones type" adaptor equipped with Auto Focus, OIS and camera body-controlled iris aperture compatible with EF Canon lenses.

A secondary objective is to turn on a beacon on Samsung cameras in a time when the photography market is a boring parade of restyling and trivial updates of already existing products.

This camera deserves a place on the highest steps of the podium: you can always recognize a video shot with the Samsung NX1 for its incomparable photographic beauty, the softness of the colors and the sharpness in detail that no other camera on the market has.

This project, if successful, could open the way for the future of Samsung NX cameras thereby improving the whole photography industry, putting back in race one of the most feared and innovative competitors of recent years which can still boast today unique features and an impressive image quality, as well as thousands of fans around the world.

I invite all photographers, even those who aren’t Samsung NX users, to support this project with a small donation because a positive message might encourage an upswing in production, pushing camera manufacturers to adapt to ever-improving and better-performing systems.


All money collected will be used for purchasing electronic materials, studying and designing the adaptor and developing the firmware, the communication interface between the Samsung camera body and Canon lenses.


Special thanks to Marco Tecno for consulting and all the members of the Eoshd.com Forum, a site hosting a community of Samsung cameras NX1 / NX500 enthusiasts, a meeting space where ideas are freely exchanged, a place without which this project would have never come.

Support the future of Samsung NX cameras!


Special thank's for your support!

Special mail to tanks and newletter about work in progress!

Choose your NX-L T-shirt color!

​ Receive the NX-L dumb! 

Comments (20)

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  • avatar
    luca Of course, excuse the delay
    • BS
      Bernardo Hi Luca, I hope you will also send the NXL to those who ordered in October! :)
      • avatar
        luca Ok Enna, you will get it in November!
        • SP
          StudioEnna Ordered now.. hope to get this in november :)
          • avatar
            luca  Thanks 6bravo! Certainly, when I ship I will send you the tracking number. (I will ship with international registered mail!). P.S. still a little patience, I am a little late but I made big improvements to the NXL.
            • BS
              Bernardo My payment finally went through! Looking forward to receiving the NXL, Luca :) Will I get a tracking number for the shipment?
              • avatar
                luca Hallo 6bravo, I dont know which is the problem. Can you try again now? Thank you for your support!
                • BS
                  Bernardo Hi Luca, I've tried to pay using Paypal, but I got this error message: 'We can't process your payment right now, so please try again later. We're sorry for the inconvenience.' Then I tried to pay using credit card, and got this error message: 'Something went wrong. Try again or contact an administrator to explain the problem.' What should I do?
                  • vd
                    un aiuto per me date un occhio alla storia di valentina de chirico aiutatela rimarra per strada con una bimba di 12 anni sotto il freddo aiutatele anche con euro so che avete un cuore grande ve lo chiedo per favore sostenetela un po con il cuore un bacio
                    • DP
                      Daniel Luca, really excited about this. Do you have an idea of when the first batch will begin shipping? Thanks!