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Call for Crowdfunding

Jump into the crowd-economy.
Co-finances important projects for your company, your NPO, the area you love.

Suggest a call

Call for crowdfunding is an additional service of Produzioni dal Basso thought for those who have a reference community and want to invest to support and co-finance projects and ideas.


NPO and foundations

Government bodies and municipalities

Why start a call on Produzioni dal Basso


Jump into the crowd economy e invest in the growth of your ecosystem. Crowdfunding is innovation and an extraordinary marketing tool.


Communication and marketing of your company come in contact with online and offline community, bringing a tangible value and concrete , and “giving birth” to initiatives from below .


Finance ideas and projects that can represent an innovation for your company, your association or territory in which you live.

How it works

01. Start the call

What kind of ideas do you want to collect? How many do you want to co-finance? Define the rules and planner from Produzioni dal Basso will offer projects in line with your guidelines .

02. Select the best ideas

We'll help you select the best projects , and we'll walk up to online of crowdfunding campaigns. You will be assisted at all stages by our crowdfunding experts.

03. Co-financing projects

If the selected projects will reach the goal of their collection, you will co-finance them with an amount of your choice to help them in the path of realization of the idea.

You have all the services of Produzioni dal Basso

A big
crowdfunding community

Produzioni dal Basso is a historical platform, the biggest crowdfunding community in Italy.

3 different crowdfunding type

The planners could choose between donation, keep it all or all or nothing.

Help desk
live chat.

Our customer care is available to planners and supporters , to help them finalize ideas and donations.

Service of

If you request it, one of our mentor can support you in the creation of the campaign and in selecting projects.

Start your call for crowdfunding

Are you ready to go and you want to create your campaign? Do you have any question?
Contact us and we'll respond as soon as possible.

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