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Send Class 12 to University!

A campaign of
Rachel's Outdoor Centre Polisportiva asd


A campaign of
Rachel's Outdoor Centre Polisportiva asd

Send Class 12 to University!

Campaign ended
  • Raised € 2,050.00
  • Sponsors 9
  • Expiring in Terminato
  • Type Donation  
  • Category Community & social
  • Obiettivi
    1. Zero Povertà
    4. Istruzione di qualità
    10. Ridurre le disuguaglianze

A campaign of 
Rachel's Outdoor Centre Polisportiva asd


The project

Per chi volesse può effettuare la donazione anche tramite bonifico bancario diretto all'associazione: 

CAUSALE:Help class 12 get the future they deserve!
IBAN: IT 75 V030 6909 6061 0000 0188 198

Help class 12 get the future they deserve!

Class 12 in Nhoma, Guinea Bissau will finish their education this year. They are foreseeing insurmountable difficulties in going to university. Their education will come to a dead end and these young adults will be left with no future prospects. With our help, in a few years, they will be able to make a difference in their community, living conditions, and country. By giving them a university education and the right to work, they will access the most powerful tools to overcome extreme poverty.

La classe 12 di Nhoma, Guina-Bissau, concluderà gli studi quest'anno. Devono affrontare grandi difficoltà, per andare all'università. In molto casi l’istruzione di questi ragazzi giunge a un vicolo cieco e rimangono con poche o nessuna prospettiva futura. In pochi anni pochi, con il nostro aiuto, possiamo fare la differenza per la loro comunità, le condizioni di vita e il loro paese. Dando loro un'istruzione universitaria e il diritto al lavoro, avranno accesso agli strumenti necessari per superare la povertà estrema.

Current Situation:

The 30 students of Class 12 in Saint Bernardino School Nhoma, Guinea Bissau, are facing an incredibly daunting challenge. Despite their strong desire to further their education to the university level, they are being held back by a severe lack of financial support. Without this crucial assistance, these students are foreseeing insurmountable difficulties in continuing their education after they finish high school. If they are unable to overcome these obstacles, their education will come to a dead end, leaving them with little or no future prospects upon their return to the village. This is especially true for female students, who face additional hurdles in pursuing their dreams.

The current state of Guinea Bissau:

The dire state of the economy is reflected in its GDP per capita, which is among the lowest in the world, as well as its Human Development Index. With over two-thirds of the population living below the poverty line, the country is struggling to keep its head above water. The economy is heavily reliant on agriculture, with fish, cashew nuts, and ground nuts as its primary exports. Unfortunately, a prolonged period of political instability has only exacerbated the already precarious economic situation, leading to deteriorating social conditions and severe macroeconomic imbalances.

Education in Guinea Bissau:

The education level in Guinea Bissau is dismally low. In 1998, only 53.5% of children were enrolled in primary school, with a significant gender gap favoring males, who had a higher enrolment ratio of 67.7% compared to females who were lagging behind with only 40%. As of 2011, the literacy rate was estimated at a mere 55.3%, leaving a vast majority of the population without basic reading and writing skills. The situation is not much better at the secondary level, where only 34.16% of students were enrolled in 2006. Unfortunately, data on university enrolment was not readily available, but it's safe to assume that it's similarly low.

Maternal Mortality:

Guinea Bissau has one of the highest childbirth mortality rates in the world, with the latest value from 2017 at a staggering 667 deaths per 100,000 births. This is in stark contrast to the UK, where the latest value from 2017 is only 10 deaths per 100,000 births, highlighting the urgent need for improved maternal healthcare in Guinea Bissau.

Our hopes for class 12:

I've concluded that with your help we will be able to contribute to the advancement of these students' education. I firmly believe that "we may not be able to help everyone, but everyone can help someone." Thus, I am committed to offering consistent education and knowledge to these young adults, allowing them to expand their horizons and gain tools to help them change their current situation. My goal is to twin classes from Italy, connect future donors with the school's mission, and sponsor these students' university education by covering their annual fees for 3-5 years. The success of these students at university depends heavily on their ability to focus on their studies, yet most of them must work to support their families and struggle to pay for basic necessities like transportation and food. Furthermore, they only receive one meal a day and must walk 5-7 kilometers to attend school. It is my hope that we can gather enough support to assist them with these challenges, providing them with the greatest opportunity for success.

Their hopes and dreams:

Rachel Brooks

"My name is Diolinda Djata. I am 20 years old and I am in class 12 at SBS high School, Nhoma Guinea Bissau West Africa. This year will be my final year in high school. And I am facing a lot of difficulties in paying for my fees, school materials, and transport. My Dad was the one paying for my school but, since he passed away, I have no one to help me. I want to go to university because I want to be a lawyer, to help myself and my mom, and to defend others. Without sponsorship, I don't think I will have the chance to go to university. And I am afraid. I do not want to get married now, just because of my current situation. Thank you."

"My name is Paulo . A. Vieria. I am 19 years old.I am in class 12. I am studying at SBS Nhoma Guinea Bissau West Africa. I am looking for sponsorship to the university. This year will be my final year in high school. I want to be a teacher. But I need help, because my father has been sick since 2003. I have to do what I can to pay my school fees, school materials and my transport to school. The distance is 5 km to school. And now that I have to go to the university to get prepared for future challenges. Help my Mom and my community. Thank you."

"My name is Segunda Dom-na.I am 24 years old.I am in class 12. I am a student at SBS high school in Nhoma Guinea Bissau West Africa. I am looking for sponsorship because without support I won't go to university. I walk 14 km from my home to school. This year will be my final year in high school. Therefore I need to get into university because I want to be a teacher. Not going to university means I must get married, which is not my plan or intention. I want to have a higher degree to be well prepared for future challenges. But without help, I won't be able to fulfill my dreams. Thanks for your attention."

Juliana's request to get a help for university. She must have walked miles to find a computer and a printer. For sure there wasn't one in the village. They call me Windjaba.

What we have done so far:

Our centre has donated essential items such as a computer, a projector, and English books to study, which are crucial for future job prospects. English and French are essential languages for most professions in the country, but many people struggle to learn them. The students and teacher (Mr. Bubaca) and the director of the mission and school (Fra Domingos) have all expressed their strong need for an English education. Additionally, my friend Elena, Michele, and I have sponsored two students aged 24 and 26 and paid for the enrollment of an 8-year-old girl named Delanda. My centre sponsored our travel costs and video production expenses.

The students of class 12 simply cannot help themselves. They face many challenges, including health, financial difficulties, and a lack of food, making it hard for them to concentrate on their studies.

Please help them to get to university and provide them with the tools to help themselves.

Thank you!


On my last day there they presented me with a robe and officially invited me to their graduation in November. If you are over 18 and would like to come, please let me know.

One meal a day

Last day, left my shoes with this guy

School bus

Teachers bring their kids to school

Hanging out with class 12

Traditional dances

Village boys dancing

Nhoma village kids

Delanda and I

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    ASD RACHEL'S OUTDOOR CENTRE POLISPORTIVA Thanks to Luca Garrone, Castello San Sebastiano da Po, Paul Firth, the donation for tickets for transport of the Bronze and Silver Groups of the Duke of Edinburgh, from Rachel's learning centre
    • DR
      DANIELA Grazie a Paul Firth, Luca Garone della villa san Sebastiano da Po e contributo ROC per il Dofe
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        ASD RACHEL'S OUTDOOR CENTRE POLISPORTIVA Grazie per la donazione Marina! Donated through the non profit!
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          Paolo Michele Xxx
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              alessandra Raccolta per il compleanno di Rachel Bruno che tanto tiene a questo progetto.Grazie per aver reso possibile questa donazione personalizzata.Auguri Rachel,auguri agli studenti sostenuti.
              • MC
                Marina 😘

                Questo progetto ha segnalato obiettivi di sviluppo sostenibile

                Gli obiettivi di sviluppo sostenibile (SDGs) costituiscono una serie di 17 obiettivi concordati dall'Organizzazione delle Nazioni Unite.

                1. Zero Povertà

                Sconfiggere la povertà: porre fine alla povertà in tutte le sue forme, ovunque.

                4. Istruzione di qualità

                Istruzione di qualità: garantire a tutti un'istruzione inclusiva e promuovere opportunità di apprendimento permanente eque e di qualità.

                10. Ridurre le disuguaglianze

                Ridurre le diseguaglianze: ridurre le disuguaglianze all'interno e tra i paesi;