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A campaign of
Mario Zambrini


A campaign of
Mario Zambrini


Campaign ended
  • Raised € 425.00
  • Sponsors 10
  • Expiring in Terminato
  • Type Donation  
  • Category Community & social

A campaign of 
Mario Zambrini


The project

The aim of the project is to help Angel’s Club music school survive and give him the chance to continue to teach music and improve the life quality of many children in Nadezhda, Sliven’s ghetto, Bulgaria. Angel is the director of the Angel’s Gypsy Orchestra in Nadezhda.

All starts with a man: Angel Tichaliev.

Angel teaches music for free to the poor children in Nadezhda, the ghetto of Sliven, and he is the director of the Angel’s Gypsy Orchestra . Now, his instruments are too old for teaching, as they have always been the same for more than 14 years and most of them are broken or worn out. Today it is a big problem for Angel to teach and continue his activities without money and without instruments, so he is looking for some help around him.

How you can help us

There are two ways to help the Roma youth in Nadezhda:

  • Donating instruments

  • Donating money here on this Crowdfunding page

Without our help, these Roma youth will not have the necessary resources to express their culture through music. By taking part in this project, you can bring hope to the ghetto of Sliven and give the children a great opportunity.

Who is Angel?

Angel is a Roma man who was born in Nadezhda. He has travelled spreading Balkan music around Europe. Angel started playing the trumpet after leaving school at the age of 14. Then he went to play in the army, where he was educated by a professional army music teacher for 4 years. It is important to say that this period was regarded as military service, so he never needed to embrace a weapon, and he is proud of this. At 18 years old he was admitted as a full-time military musician in the army orchestra of Sliven, where he remained for 20 years, retiring at 38 years old.

Let’s not leave him alone!

When you meet Angel, you can realise how much he loves music and children. You can feel how his passion is authentic and how, thanks to him, many children are studying music. We believe in Angel, we believe in youth, we believe in a culture that can shine and fight against the borders.

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