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Europe from a Wagon: ispirando i giovani a viaggiare in maniera ecosostenibile

Una campagna di
Lorenzo Callegari & Preslava Kuzova


Una campagna di
Lorenzo Callegari & Preslava Kuzova

Europe from a Wagon: ispirando i giovani a viaggiare in maniera ecosostenibile

Europe from a Wagon: ispirando i giovani a viaggiare in maniera ecosostenibile

Campagna terminata
  • Raccolti € 340,00
  • Sostenitori 5
  • Scadenza Terminato
  • Modalità Donazione semplice  
  • Categoria Film & cortometraggi

Una campagna di 
Lorenzo Callegari & Preslava Kuzova


Il Progetto


Europe from a Wagon logo

"A short documentary on the beauty of traveling in an eco-sustainable way"

About the project

Hi, we are Lorenzo and Preslava - two passionate young Europeans, one from Italy and one from Bulgaria, who strongly believe in the EU’s motto " United in diversity" and who on August 1st will embark on a life-changing journey around Europe thanks to the Yoalin project . Almost one year ago we met through an Erasmus+ international project, we won't lie - this completely changed our everyday lives, and this is why we want to inspire more young people to undertake such amazing adventures.

Both of us respect different cultures and their national heritage, their unique customs and traditions. We wanted to show everyone that the new generation is the one to cast aside the past, erase the prejudices all the military conflicts the 20th century brought and show the beauty of diversity.

However, exploring Europe requires a lot of travelling. Especially the mountain range of the Alps. Not only are we captivated by the splendor of our continent, but also we want to preserve the nature for the future generations. This is why decided our journey to be by train - an eco sustainable mean of transportation which also allows you to explore the spectacular nooks the Alpine region is hiding. Smaller carbon footprint and more opportunities for exploration. What could be better?

This is how the project ' Europe from a Wagon ' was born. We wanted to inspire more young people to discover the magnificence of Europe without harming the natural assents. The idea behind our journey is simple - inspiring more young Europeans to indulge into an adventure of a lifetime.

It has never been easier to cross national borders and meet new people, to get to know the world from a different perspective, form a new unknown angle, yet many people don't know how to get the best of that opportunity. Being a traveller is way more than just moving from one place to another, it is the way of becoming open-minded.

' Europe from a Wagon ' is a project dedicated to elucidating youngsters about what they can do with limited financial resources, firm dedication and inexhaustible passion. We want to unveil the beauty of the Old Continent and inspire more and more young Europeans to embrace their mother land and neighboring countries.

Half an year ago nothing of this project would have been possible. We are lucky enough to be part of the Yoalin Alpine Interrail project which granted us with cheaper Interrail tickets. But from then on everything depends on us. Not many young people are aware of all the privileges they have of being European citizens and unfortunately sometimes finding this information is difficult. We want to spread the knowledge we gained, share our experiences and inspire more youngsters to get the best out of Europe.

Another important aspect of this project is showing young people how pleasurable traveling by train can be. Recent surveys suggest that nowadays cars and planes are way more preferred than rail transport. We want to change this tendency and unveil the all the positive aspects of exploring new places by train. Our goal is exploring the Alpine region through the utilisation of eco sustainable means of transport.

This is why we need your help. Support us in our endeavour to inspire more and more people to travel in an eco friendly way and discover the gems of Europe. Help our dream come true.

List of the places we will visit:


  • Ljubljana (SLO)
  • Bled (SLO)
  • Vienna (AT)
  • Salzburg (AT)
  • Munich (DE)
  • St. Moritz (CH)
  • Zermatt (CH)

How will we use the contributes collected thanks to your support?

- The first 450€ will be used to cover the expenses of passes for museums, parks and other places we want to show in the documentary around the various alpine cities. The more places we visit, the more content there will be in the final documentary, and the more young people will we inspire to take on a similar adventure.

- From 450€ above the money will be utilized for buying and improving our current equipment as well as for post-production expenses, so that the videos and photos we take will be truly able to capture the beauty of the project.

Thanks for your support! - Lorenzo & Preslava

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  • cb
    claudia  Buon viaggio!!...
    • AB
      Adriana  Fate buon viaggio e...aspettiamo le foto!
      • PG
        Pietro  Buon viaggio! ♥️