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Custom Speed Booster

A campaign of


A campaign of

Custom Speed Booster

Custom Speed Booster

Campaign ended
  • Raised € 9,547.00
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  • Expiring in Terminato
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  • Category Design & technology

A campaign of 


The project

The "Magicbooster" is the only speed booster designed for Blackmagic cameras!

Anyone who finances the project by November 31st, besides enjoying a significant discount, will receive the Magicbooster by Christmas, with the exception of the Pro version in pre-order whose shipments will start from January.

What are the advantages with the Magicbooster?
- increase 1 stop of light;
- 1.1 crop with Ursa Mini 4K;
- 1.0 Full Frame crop on Ursa mini 4.6K
- 1.0 Full Frame crop on Ursa mini Pro
It also offers the advantage of getting all the benefits of a Speed Booster adapter without the limitations of compatibility due to the reading and conversion of data caused by traditional adapters.

To meet the needs of users I have built a series of adapters to be used with any type of video camera, similar in appearance but which hide substantial constructive differences.
This is the list of products:

- NEW Magicbooster Pro!

- Magicbooster 4K

- Magicbooster 4.6K

- Magicbooster Ultra

- Magicbooster Production


What is Magicbooster Pro?
The Magicbooster Pro is a complete lens mount equipped with focal reducer glass and original Blackmagic electronics, it allows to replace the original adapter by removing the four screws of the front flange and the IR filter.

What is the Magicbooster 4K?
The Magic Booster 4K is a lens group inside on a screw mount that is mounted inside the camera body.
It is specific to the Ursa mini camera with 4K sensor.

Review Magicbooster 4K

What is the Magicbooster 4.6K?
The Magic Booster Ultra 4.6K is a lens group inside a screw mount that is mounted inside the camera body.
It is specific to the Ursa mini camera with 4k and 4.6K sensor.

What is the Magic Booster Ultra?
The Magic Booster Ultra is a lens assembly, mounted on a screw mount that is mounted inside the camera body.
It is created for the most demanding filmmakers who require the best performance in low light.

Magicbooster Ultra Daylight test

Magicbooster Ultra comparison

Magicbooster Ultra it's for Ursa Mini 4K and 4.6K.

What is the Magicbooster Production?
The Magic Booster Production is a lens group inside a screw mount that is mounted inside the camera body.
It is specific to the Blackmagic Produciton Camera 2.5K and 4K camera.

Magicbooster Production lowlight test

Magicbooster Production comparison

Magicbooster Production DOF test

NXL dumb adapter

No need presentation the only Speedbooster for Samsung NX1 camera, this is the last chance!

NXL test and comparison

Who I am?
My name is Luca and I am passionate about photography, my adventure begins with the construction of the NXL adapters for the camera Samsung NX1, camera of excellent quality but at the time not supported by any accessories company.
Starting from this project I have gathered a lot of support from the public and after the Samsung's withdrawal from the camera industry, instead of throwing all the work done I preferred to take advantage of the experience gained by continuing to build speed boosters for other cameras.
My commitment is addressed to the professionals of the sector and I decided to start with the Blackmagic Design products, which according to my humble opinion are those that offer products with the best features at reasonable prices.

The Blackmagic Design and Samsung brands are in no way connected to this project.

Comments (8)

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  • MB
    Moses Just checking to know if any shipment has been made. Thanks Moses
    • MB
      Moses Okay. Thank you
      • MB
        Moses Hi, I just wanna know how long it will take to receive the 2 magicbooster 4k?
        • avatar
          luca Hi Moses, the Magicbooster 4k it's in stock! I will ship it in 3 days. Best Luca.
          5 years, 6 months ago
      • avatar
        luca Hello Ivan, both are excellent glasses, but are different for these two particularities: - The Ultra version features a concave front glass, it maintains a better sharpening with diaphragms greater than F2; - The 4.6K version instead mounts larger and therefore more detailed lenses at the corners but at larger apertures than F2 the overall image is less sharp than the Ultra version.
        • avatar
          Rogier Hi Luc, I can't decide between sending money for a Magicbooster 4.6k, and a magic booster Ultra. It mentions Ultra as better in low light, is that because it has increased light coming in? Thanks
          • avatar
            Rogier Hello, I'd like to support the project but i have not seen an estimated date for delivery of the items. When do you estimate this to be? Thanks!
            • avatar
              luca Hello Ivan, depends on the item you buy and the date of purchase. Example: if today you make a contribution for a Magicbooster 4K you will receive it before Christmas, if you give a contribution for a Magicbooster Pro you will receive it in January because it will require more time for the construction. Also due to the overload of work of the couriers for Christmas, as a precaution, I will consider whether to make the shipment in consideration of the country of the recipient.
              5 years, 7 months ago


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