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The project

The book is the first publication in the world about the Parisian artist. It's a journey on his artistic practice and a collection of his masterpieces that tell about his visual research.

BLASE (1980, Paris, France) is presented as the «hacker-painter». He works from old canvases, modifies, distorts and transforms. His anachronic play confuses the viewer, manipulating the mind to convoke doubt and then to finally re-arrange one’s very own perception. Through his experience and methods, Blase has gained a prominent reputation in the traditional art market, but his opus is firmly contempory. These radically conflicting worlds, so often closed off to one other, are thrust together. His modern smirk-worthy satire points the finger at an obvious reality to which only he could draw our attention.

His actions are always subtle and respectful of the protocols of classical restoration. Blase injects a new layer of complexity to the time/image relationship which questions and finally imposes a different perspective. With a liberty that frees itself from political correctness, his work suggests a raw thought, potentially even prophetic in these tormented times. Thanks to his radical methods he has no difficulty in delivering his strong message.

Blase’s goal is above all to put back good sense in a society corrupted by increased consumption and to repeal a form of system that bores and abhors. By the reappropriation of old paintings, Blasepheme both refuses the facility and denies the culture of «image».

Year of publishing: 2019
ISBN: 978-88-942112-6-9
Size: 17x24 cm
Number of pages: ~ 140
Cover:  300g uncoated paper, hand stamp
Print: 4/4 Offset, 170g matt coated paper
Binding: Thread wire
Language: English

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